14 Free Artificial Intelligence Tools

Discover a wide range of free artificial intelligence tools that can be used in various aspects of your daily life. These tools can help you accomplish numerous tasks, save time and effort, and improve your overall productivity.

Free Artificial Intelligence Tools

With over 300 million users, artificial intelligence (AI) tools have become increasingly popular due to their ability to save time and effort. There are millions of AI tools available today, catering to various needs and interests.

In this article, we will explore free AI tools that can be used for video and image editing, writing, research, and presentation design. These tools are suitable for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

AI Tools for Presentation Design:

These tools allow you to create stunning presentations by simply inputting your text. The AI takes care of the rest, generating visually appealing slides with appropriate layouts and designs.

AI Tools for Writing:

Whether you need to write in Arabic or English, these tools can help you generate SEO-optimized articles with creative ideas and accurate information. They can be a valuable asset for content creators and writers alike.

AI Tools for Image Editing:

These tools offer a variety of features, including background removal and replacement, image enhancement, and other editing options. They can help you improve the quality and visual appeal of your photos.

AI Tools for Video Creation:

With these tools, you can transform text into videos, add translations and voiceovers, remove noise, and make other modifications. They can be a great way to create engaging video content quickly and easily.

AI Tools for Research:

These tools can assist you with academic writing, language correction, PDF editing, and team collaboration. They can streamline your research process and improve the quality of your work.

Free AI Tools for Presentation Design


Slidesgo utilizes artificial intelligence to design presentations, helping you save time and deliver presentations with innovative ideas. It is completely free and with a few simple clicks, your presentation is ready.

How it works:

  1. Choose the appropriate topic for your presentation.
  2. Select the suitable style.
  3. Make the necessary edits.
  4. Download the final presentation.


Visme is a website that allows you to design presentations using artificial intelligence for free and within minutes. It can be used to design a wide range of presentations and is suitable for everyone.

How it works:

  1. Choose a pre-designed presentation template based on your text.
  2. Select the appropriate style and the AI will add images.
  3. You can add free images or videos.

Free AI Tools for Writing


Rytr is a website that utilizes artificial intelligence for writing and helps create content. It can be used for creating marketing content, editing, creative writing, SEO writing, and correcting grammar. This website can be used for free for a limited number of words per month.


Wilde is a website that supports content writing using artificial intelligence according to SEO standards in English or Arabic. You can use it for free for up to 10 articles per month. You can specify the main title of the article, keywords, and the best sources related to the topic, and after 3 minutes you will receive your article.


Copy.ai is a website that writes content using artificial intelligence and can be used for free. It is suitable for marketing content and helps to accomplish a large number of tasks and save time.

Free AI Tools for Image Editing


Spyne is a website that utilizes artificial intelligence to edit photos in a simple way to save time and effort. It works on editing the image from various aspects and uses advanced algorithms to understand the content of the image.

How it works:

  1. Upload the image.
  2. Edit it using artificial intelligence.
  3. Download the image.


Picsart is a website that helps edit images using AI. You can make a large number of edits to the image, such as removing the background and adding another background, and many other features. It can be used for free.

How it works:

  1. Upload the image.
  2. Edit it using artificial intelligence.
  3. Download the image.

YouCam online editors

YouCam online editors is a website that can be used for free to make various edits to images using artificial intelligence (AI).

Free AI Tools for Video Editing

Invideo AI

Invideo AI allows you to create videos without needing any prior skills. You can add voiceovers, text, translations, and music. Within minutes, you can transform text into a video by describing the idea and providing the necessary details, such as video length and other preferences.


Kapwing helps edit and enhance videos using artificial intelligence. It creates videos from text and reduces background noise.


Repurpose can be used to create videos by utilizing content from other platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and others. It uses artificial intelligence and can be used for free.

Free AI Tools for Research


QuillBot is a website used by a large number of researchers for academic writing, grammar correction, translation, plagiarism checking, and other features. It can be used for free.


Bit.Ai is a platform that uses AI to offer a wide range of features for researchers. You can use it to collaborate with your team on a single document remotely. It helps in brainstorming, research, and writing. It can also convert any document into a wiki-like page and add tables, among other features.


PDFgear helps people edit PDF files and uses artificial intelligence to facilitate interaction with PDF files like Word. You can simply send a message like "compress the file" or "delete a specific page," and the program will automatically understand and execute it.

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