Aspire Leadership Program in Collaboration with Harvard 2024

The Self-Development and Confidence Building Course offered by the Aspire program aims to enhance leadership skills. It is a completely free program in collaboration with Harvard, available to individuals from all nationalities in developing countries.

The Self-Development and Confidence Building Course by Aspire

The free training offered by the Aspire program, affiliated with Harvard, enhances the leadership skills that students will need as future leaders. This certified training supports students from all over the world in helping them define their professional and academic futures. The primary goal is to empower students with low income-from around the globe and build a generation of future leaders who can make an impact in their communities. This program will guide you to explore various career paths.

The aim of the Aspire program is to foster self-development and confidence, equipping individuals with the necessary leadership skills to bring about change in their own lives and communities. The self-development course is among the most sought-after programs because of the significant skills enhancement it provides, enabling individuals to become leaders in their fields and make important decisions.

Self-development and confidence building is an ongoing process aimed at improving all aspects of an individual's life. It can help you achieve your goals, build strong relationships, and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

About the Aspire Program for Self-Development and Confidence Building Course:

This program has representatives in more than 180 countries and has transformed over 100,000 participants worldwide, providing financial support totaling over $150,000 to help participants work on their individual projects. The program was launched in 2017 in collaboration with Harvard University.

Training Type: Fully funded
Training Location: Online
Training Provider: Aspire Institute/Harvard University

Targeted Countries for Training: Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Djibouti, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros Islands, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, and all countries worldwide.



Features Offered by This Program

  • Building Relationships: Establish connections with students from all around the world.
  • Training and Guidance Opportunities: Access to training and mentoring sessions.
  • Workshops for Practical Skills: Participate in workshops designed to enhance practical skills.
  • Career and Academic Counseling: Receive personalized guidance and counseling regarding career and academic aspirations.
  • Free Harvard Courses: Enroll in Harvard courses across various fields for free.
  • Application for Community-Building Projects: Apply for funding to initiate community-building projects.
  • Free MCAT Exam: Access the MCAT exam without any fees.

Eligibility Criteria for the Program

  • First-Generation University Entrants: Individuals whose parents have not attended university.
  • Current or Recent University Enrollment: Currently enrolled or recently graduated from university.
  • Low-Income Family Background: Belong to a low-income family.
  • Age Requirement: Between 18-26 years old.
  • English Proficiency: Proficiency in the English language (certification not mandatory).

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