Attendance at an international conference funded by Google in 2024

You can attend an international conference anywhere in the world with full funding from Google, covering conference registration fees, airfare, and accommodation. The application is available throughout the year for this opportunity.

International Conference (General Overview)

At Google, it is believed that diverse qualities, experiences, and perspectives are important tools for building and bringing about change in this world. Google also believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to catch up with the latest in the industry, build a network with people in the same field, and secure a job in that field. Therefore, Google provides this funding to attend international conferences and assist in overcoming the barriers faced by individuals through financial support. The conference is selected based on the participant and must be related to industrial technology or a closely related field.

Importance of Attending International Conferences

Attending international conferences is an opportunity for professional and personal development, and we will elaborate on this in several points:

  1. Learning and Development: International conferences bring together experts, researchers, and scientists to share the latest ideas and points being worked on in a specific subject.
  2. Networking: Conferences attract specialists from all sectors, academic and non-academic, and international conferences are an opportunity to meet unique individuals specialized in the field.
  3. Professional Development: Through international conferences, you can showcase the latest work in your field, which may attract people you want to collaborate with.

International Conference Details:

Opportunity Type: Fully Funded

Conference Duration: Depending on the conference.

Training Location: The conference location is determined by the participant's selection. Funding Provider: Google

Targeted Countries for Training: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, South Sudan, Libya, and other African countries.

Topics the Conference Should Focus On:

  1. Algorithms and Theory
  2. Data Mining and Modeling
  3. Economics and Electronics Commerce
  4. General science
  5. Hardware and Architecture
  6. Information Retrieval and the web
  7. Machine Perception
  8. Mobile Systems
  9. Networking
  10. Robotics
  11. Software Engineering
  12. Speech Processing
  13. Quantum Computing
  14. Data Management
  15. Education Innovation
  16. Natural Language Processing
  17. Software System

Benefits provided by Google to attend an international conference:

Funding of up to $3000 USD (to cover conference fees and travel expenses).

Requirements for applying to Google's program to attend an international conference:

  1. A full-time student at a recognized university in Africa in need of financial support.
  2. Has an accepted research paper at a computer science conference (preferably conferences with similar interests to Google's fields, which can be identified from here).
  3. Must be the first author or sole author of the research paper.

Required documents for application:

  1. The online application form is available at the end of the article.


Applications are reviewed periodically throughout the year, and accepted students will be notified within four weeks.

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