Fellowship at KAUST in Saudi Arabia, 2025

KAUST’s 2025 Fellowship Program aims to support and empower early-career scientists and engineers, helping them unlock their full potential. This internationally recognized program is designed to transform research into real-world solutions, benefiting both the Kingdom and the global community.

The KAUST Global Fellowship Program for Early Career Researchers

The KAUST Global Fellowship Program aims to attract and support outstanding emerging research leaders and scientists from around the world, helping them build a path towards a fully independent career. This program inspires the next generation of scientists and engineers to tackle global challenges and explore opportunities that benefit humanity. It is a merit-based program targeting excellent postdoctoral researchers with breakthrough ideas that align with and advance KAUST's major research priorities. In our 'research-first' environment, current and future Global Fellows have full access to essential research tools, equipment, unparalleled facilities, and the expertise necessary to achieve their research goals, all within a strong community of excellence.


Degree: Postdoc

Place: KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Duration: 3 Years

Fund: Fully Funded


Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Djibouti, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, all countries of the world.


Three Years of Funding:

  • Up to $40,000 for research proposals
  • Yearly living stipend of $75,000
  • Benefits include medical insurance, accommodation, schooling for up to 2 children, relocation allowance, and annual travel allowance
  • Financial security to focus on full-time research

Pursuing Independent Research:

  • Unique opportunity for early-career researchers to pursue their own projects
  • Ability to expand on innovative ideas
  • Pathway to a competitive independent research career

Research Facilities:

  • Easy access to necessary research tools and equipment
  • Unparalleled laboratory facilities on campus
  • Support from experienced colleagues and host Principal Investigator

A Sense of Community:

  • Diverse environment with over 110 nationalities on campus
  • Unique ecosystem where education, research, innovation, and industry converge
  • Supportive intellectual environment
  • Networking opportunities for personal and professional development

Personal & Professional Development:

  • Learning and development programs to enhance and nurture new skills
  • Programs include the KAUST Mentoring Program, Harvard HE Teaching Certificate, and leadership programs/certificates
  • Networking opportunities with other Fellows and successful alumni

A Global Network:

  • Extensive network of international research partners
  • Networking opportunities with external organizations in academia, industry, government, and funding bodies
  • Facilitates successful international partnerships for future careers

Applicants Eligibility

To be eligible for the KAUST Global Fellowship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Ph.D. Requirement: Must have been awarded a Ph.D. degree within four calendar years. For those applying in 2024, the Ph.D. must have been received after January 2020 inclusive.
  • Ph.D. Completion: Must expect to complete their Ph.D. before the start of the Fellowship.
  • Relocation: Must be ready to move to KAUST to undertake the proposed three-year research project.*
  • Faculty Sponsor: Must identify a KAUST faculty member in their application who has confirmed and agreed to host them and their research project, if successful.
  • Nationality: People of all nationalities are welcome to apply. Female applicants are encouraged to promote better gender balance in science.

*Candidates need to satisfy all Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requirements to obtain resident status.

Proposal Eligibility

To be eligible for the Fellowship, the research proposal must meet these criteria:

  • KAUST Research Priorities: Focus on one or more of KAUST's research priorities: Health & Wellness, Sustainable Environment & Essential Needs, Energy and Industrial Leadership, and Economies of the Future.
  • Duration: Outline a project for a three-year duration.
  • Budget: Follow the budget and financial guidelines of the call.
  • Template: Use the provided proposal template.

The KAUST Global Fellowship Program supports research projects in line with the programs of KAUST's three academic divisions:

  • Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering (BESE)
  • Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering (CEMSE)
  • Physical Science and Engineering (PSE)

Required Documents

The following documents must be uploaded and submitted with the online application form:

  • Most Recent CV: Maximum of 4 pages.
  • Two Publications: Attachments of two publications.
  • Research Proposal: Use the provided template.
  • KAUST Host PI Letter: Use the provided template.
  • Two Reference Letters: Must be received or approved directly from the referees.

How to Apply

Application Submission Guidelines

  • Language and Templates: Applications must be drafted in English using the provided templates and submitted via the online application form.
  • Rolling Basis: We accept applications on a rolling basis.
  • Completion Requirement: All applications must be completed with all required documents to be eligible for review by the cut-off date.
  • Platform: Applicants and their referees are required to sign up on the PlutoEdu platform to access the system and submit the required documents.

Quick Guides

Instructions and Templates

Before applying, download and carefully read the instructions, materials, and templates provided below:

  1. Application Guidelines_2024
  2. Online Application Instructions to Applicants_2024
  3. [Template] Host Support Letter_2024
  4. [Template] Research Proposal_2024

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