Fully funded summer training in Finland 2024

Summer training abroad at the University of Tampere in Finland. Applications are open to students of all nationalities, both undergraduate and master’s students, to apply for this opportunity to travel and gain international work experience in Europe. Applications are now open.

Fully funded summer training in Finland 2024

Summer training opportunities are considered a treasure for students to gain the practical experience necessary for post-graduation employment. In this article, we will explain a summer training opportunity in Finland, including its features, requirements, and everything you need to know.

Summer Training Abroad (Overview)

A summer training program in scientific research at the University of Tampere in Finland. This summer training opportunity, open to undergraduate and master's students, provides a chance to engage in practical research and work with distinguished scientists from the University of Tampere. The program is available to students of all nationalities. You may also be interested in: Summer Training for College of Science Students in Austria 2024.

In 2023, around 1600 applications were submitted for this training from 84 countries, and 52 students were accepted, making this program competitive. Accepted students will be immediately appointed as research assistants, and the employment period should align with the department hosting the student.

The objectives of the summer training are:

  1. Gain practical work experience.
  2. Work within an international environment.
  3. Build a network of relationships.
  4. Interact with scientists in the field.

Details about the summer training:

There are 60 available slots for the summer training for undergraduate and master's students in engineering and science. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from 53 projects spanning approximately 11 specialties, ranging from the College of Science to the College of Engineering.

Training Location: Finland, University of Tampere

Training Duration: 12 weeks from June to August 2024.

Nationalities: Egyptians, Algerians, Iraqis, Bahrainis, Jordanians, Kuwaitis, Lebanese, Libyans, Omanis, Palestinians, Qataris, Saudis, Sudanese, Syrians, Tunisians, Emiratis, Yemenis, and all other nationalities.

Fields of Summer Training 2024:

  1. Sciences
  2. Engineering
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Commerce
  6. Arts
  7. Design
  8. Architecture

Benefits provided by the summer training in Finland:

  1. Monthly stipend of 1800 euros to cover accommodation and living expenses.
  2. Financial compensation ranging from 400 to 800 euros to cover travel expenses.
  3. Assistance in obtaining the visa.

Activities included in this summer training for students:

  1. Course about Finland.
  2. Gatherings.
  3. Social, cultural, and sports activities.
  4. Exhibition (At the end of August, students will showcase their work during the training period).

Application requirements for the summer training:

  1. Bachelor's or master's degree student in a related field.
  2. Proof of English language proficiency; TOEFL or IELTS is not mandatory.
  3. Required documents for this summer training program:

    a. Motivation letter: This is a crucial document explaining:

    • Why you are interested in this training opportunity at the University of Tampere.
    • Your personal interests in the research field and why you chose to work on a specific project during the training period.
    • Clarify any time constraints you may have for the training.
    • Outline your research or academic plans for the future. It is recommended that the letter be one page long, and if it extends to two pages, it should focus on additional technical points.

    b. Curriculum vitae (CV): Includes a summary of your academic education and relevant experience, along with contact information.

    c. Official grade transcript: If the official grade transcript is in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by a translation along with the original document in a single file. Include a list of courses at the end of the transcript if not mentioned.

    d. Letter of recommendation: From a professor or supervisor at your university. If your professor prefers to send the letter directly, they can email it in PDF format to [email protected]. The email subject should be: last name of applicant-first name of applicant-LOR. The letter should include the professor's contact details.

    e. Proof of English language proficiency: International exams such as TOEFL or IELTS are recommended but not mandatory. Alternatives include a letter from your university confirming English as the language of instruction, a self-written report demonstrating your English language skills, or any other factor proving proficiency.

    f. Any additional supporting documents for your application.

How to apply for the summer training:

You can find the direct application link below:

شارك الفرصة



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