Italian Government Scholarship 2024

Italian Government Scholarship 2024

Applications are now open for the Italian Government Scholarship for master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as Italian language courses. A large number of countries are eligible to apply for this opportunity.

Overview of the Italian Government Scholarship 2024

Italy is known for providing excellent education, and the Italian Government Scholarship is one of the prestigious programs offered annually. In addition to education, Italy is rich in culture, with numerous historical sites. Living in Italy provides an opportunity to learn and practice the Italian language with native speakers.

The Italian government offers funding for various academic programs, including master's degrees, doctorates, research projects, and Italian language courses.

Details of the Italian Government Scholarship

Degrees Offered: Master's, Doctorate, Research Projects, and Italian Language Courses.

Language of Instruction: English or Italian

Eligible Countries: Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, and several other non-Arab countries.

You can find the complete list of eligible countries [here].

Benefits of the Italian Government Scholarship 2024

  • Funding of €9,000 for programs lasting 9 months.
  • Health insurance

Funding Opportunities in the Italian Government Scholarship

Funding for Master's Degree

  • The funding is available for 9 months and will be renewed if the student successfully completes the first year.

Requirements for a Master's Degree:

  • Must have a Bachelor's degree.
  • Other requirements as specified by the university applied to.

Doctoral Programs

Funding is provided for doctoral students for 9 months.

Requirements for Applying for a Doctorate in Italy:

  • Must meet the specific requirements of the doctoral program applied to in Italy and obtain an acceptance letter.

Research Projects under the Supervision of Academic Professors in Italy

Funding is provided for 9 months, specifically for research projects accepted by one of the research institutes in Italy.

Requirements for Application:

  • The applicant must submit the research project along with the names and contact information of the supervisors and provide an acceptance letter from one of the research institutes in Italy.

Program for Learning Italian Culture and Language

Funding is provided for 3 months.

Requirements for Application to this Program:

  • The applicant must have basic knowledge of the Italian language up to level A2.

Requirements for Obtaining a Scholarship in Italy

General Requirements

  • Valid passport
  • Clear copies of required documents
  • Full-time study commitment

Academic Requirements

  • Possess the appropriate academic qualifications for the desired degree in Italy. You can find more information [here].

To apply for a visa, you must obtain pre-enrollment registration at the university, which precedes subsequent registration stages. Universities will invite candidates to complete the pre-enrollment form to initiate this process.

Age Requirements

  • For Master's and Italian language programs, applicants must be under 28 years old.
  • For doctoral programs, applicants must be under 30 years old.
  • For research projects, applicants must be under 40 years old.

Language Proficiency

  • For courses taught in Italian, proof of Italian language proficiency at B2 level (CEFR) is required.
  • For courses taught in English, proof of English language proficiency at B2 level (CEFR) is required.
  • For Italian language programs, proof of Italian language proficiency at A2 level is required.
  • For doctoral programs and research projects, no language proficiency proof is required.

How to Apply for the Italian Government Scholarship 2025

You can apply before the deadline by selecting the course you want to study from the link below.

شارك الفرصة



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  1. I hope to be accepted in this opportunity to get more experience about other cultures and pass it to my country to make our life better,modern,and guaranteed to poor people

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