Learn C Language from Scratch to Mastery 2024

Learn C Language from Scratch in a Short Time from the Best Free Resources Available in Arabic and English. All the free resources are suitable for beginners to learn the C language.

Learn C Language (General Overview) To learn the C language, you must first understand what this language is, its importance, and its current applications, so you can decide if this is the programming language you really want to learn. You can also read: Learn Python Language from Scratch to Mastery 2024

What is the C Language? The C language is one of the important programming languages and is a general-purpose language that is not dependent on the operating system. This language was invented in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie with the aim of overcoming the problems present in programming languages such as B and BPCL. Since 1980, it has become one of the most widely used programming languages, as stated on Simplelearn's website. Even after all these years, C remains one of the important programming languages, ranking second for 2023 according to the TIOBE index, which assures us that we can continue to rely on this language for a long time.

The Linux operating system was developed in 1969 and was rewritten in 1972 using the C language, according to the Toptal website.

Finally, you can now learn C language for free through these resources:

Free Resources for Learning C Language

  1. Programiz Website

Learn C language for beginners within two months, which indicates that the average salary for programmers for this language is over $100,000 annually.

Language: English

  1. Coursera Website

Coursera is a website that offers a large number of courses from top educational institutions for learning. You will find a wide range of courses to learn C language, so choose the suitable one and get it for free by applying for financial aid.

  1. W3Schools Website

One of the distinguished websites specializing in programming. It provides a complete explanation of a large number of languages, including the C language, with the possibility of practical application.

  1. Codewars Website

This website helps you choose the language you want to learn by providing tasks to work on and competing with others learning the same language.

Free YouTube Resources for Learning C Language

  1. Complete Course to Learn C Language

It is a course to learn C language in Arabic for beginners. It consists of 30 videos with an average of 10 minutes per video.

  1. Introduction to Programming in C Language Course

It is a course in Arabic to learn the basics of C language, consisting of about 40 videos with an average of one hour per video.

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