Learn German easily | Top free resources

Learn German easily through free resources, steps, and tips to help you learn quickly and in a fun way. If you’re a beginner and want to learn German effectively, this article will help you achieve your goal.

Learn German easily

Through this article, you will find the most important free resources for learning the German language, the importance of learning this language, and steps to help you learn in an easy and effective way.

Is learning German difficult?

No, learning German is not difficult, it's just a myth. Learning any language requires time and commitment, and the same goes for German. All you need is the motivation to learn and persevere, and German is similar to English in many aspects.

Importance of learning German

There are many reasons to learn the language, and we will mention the most important ones in these points:

German is the second most spoken language globally. The German economy ranks first in Europe and fourth worldwide. Germany is a hub for international cooperation. German is the most spoken language in Europe. German is among the top 10 most spoken languages globally. There are many words in German similar to English. German is the second language used in scientific research. 18% of the world's books are published in Germany. Germany is a gateway to higher education.

How much time do we need to learn the English language?

There's no specific time for learning the German language; it depends on several factors that all influence how quickly you learn this language, such as the daily time you spend practicing, your exposure to the language, and your motivations to continue learning. However, if you continue daily learning for about 6 months, for example, you'll become capable of understanding and speaking daily conversations. And if you want to speak German fluently, it might take a few years to achieve that. (Source)

Before we delve into the free resources for learning the German language, read these four tips to help you with learning:

  1. Find a strong motivation that drives you to learn German.
  2. Learn all the basics in the German language.
  3. Make learning enjoyable by incorporating funny words or examples.
  4. Practice daily.

How to learn German at home?

You can easily learn German from home through suitable free resources for beginners, which we've compiled for you here. With these resources, you can self-study German without resorting to paid courses.

To memorize words, you can use this book which compiles all German words up to B1 level: B1_Wortliste_2016_02.qxp_B1 Wort (goethe.de)

For improving speaking and listening skills in German:

Some YouTube channels to enhance listening skills in German:

Mobile apps for learning German:

Second stage: From B2 to C1


  • Aspekte B2 [link: bit.ly/AspekteB2 ]
  • Aspekte C1 [link: bit.ly/AspekteC1 ]

Conversation and listening books: [link: ly/C1HandS ]

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