Opportunity Card Germany: New Immigration Law in Germany

Travel to Germany with the Opportunity Card, which offers numerous benefits and facilitates applicants from developing countries in securing a job in Germany. Learn about the steps and requirements now.

Opportunity Card Germany (General Overview)

Due to a shortage of labor, Germany is expected to face a deficit of around 16 million workers by 2060 (source: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action). Through the new immigration law via the Opportunity Card, there will be a new perspective on the German labor market.

Who Can Benefit from the Opportunity Card?

If you are from a non-EU country or Switzerland and want to obtain the Opportunity Card:

Option 1: You have a recognized vocational or academic qualification in Germany or you obtained your vocational or academic qualification in Germany.

If you obtained your vocational or academic qualification in Germany, you can directly apply for a job seeker residence permit under Section 20 of the Residence Act (AufenthG). This permits you to search for a job for 12 months instead of one year, and you can work part-time without restrictions during this period.

Option 2: You have a minimum of 6 points in the points system by meeting these requirements:

  1. You have successfully completed your vocational or academic training, and it is recognized by the country where you obtained it, with your vocational qualification accompanied by at least two years of training. To support your visa application, you will need a document validating this qualification, which can be obtained through ZAB.
  2. Proof of language proficiency: You have proof of German language proficiency at least at the A1 level.

For both Option 1 and Option 2: You must have sufficient financial resources to cover your job search period in Germany, and provide proof of a blocked bank account during the visa process, ensuring a monthly amount of 1,027 euros.

How Does the Points System for the Opportunity Card Work?

The points system is applicable only for Option 2.

Qualification Equivalence (4 points): If you apply for recognition of your qualification and it is partially recognized, you will receive four points. In the case of a regulated profession, you are required to participate in compensatory measures before obtaining a license to practice.

Qualification in a Profession with Limited Openings in Germany (1 point): In this case, you will receive one point. You can find out which professions have limited openings in Germany from here.

Professional Experience (2 points): If you have at least two years of professional experience in your field after graduation in the last five years, you will receive two points. If you have five years of professional experience in the last seven years, you will receive three points.

Language Proficiency (1-4 points): If your German language proficiency is at level A2, you will receive one point. For level B1, you will receive two points, for level B2, three points, and you will receive additional points if your proficiency is at level C1.

Age (1-2 points): If you are under 35 years old, you will receive two points, and if you are between 35-40 years old, you will receive one point.

Previous Residence in Germany (1 point): If you can prove that you have legally resided in Germany for a continuous period of at least 6 months up to 5 years, you will receive one point.

Accompanying Spouse (1 point): If your spouse meets the requirements for the Opportunity Card, you will be granted one point.

Opportunity Card Germany Registration

How to Check If You Meet the Requirements for the Opportunity Card:

You can verify your eligibility through this page [here]. Select your country from the dropdown menu and then answer the questions to check if you meet the requirements. If you receive a positive result, you can apply for the Opportunity Card through the German embassy in your country.

What Are the Benefits of the Opportunity Card?

  • Facilitates skilled workers' entry into Germany.
  • The Opportunity Card allows you to travel to Germany to search for a profitable job for up to one year, and you can work part-time for a total of 20 hours per week during the job search process.
  • Reduces the minimum income requirement to obtain the EU Blue Card.

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