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Scholarships offered by the British University of Edinburgh, which is considered one of the top universities globally. Applications are open to candidates from developing countries to receive free online scholarships in various fields of study.

Online Scholarships (General Overview)

The University of Edinburgh was established in 1583 and was among the first in academia and critical thinking. Over the years, the university has developed significantly in various aspects, making it one of the oldest and most renowned universities in the world. The university comprises several colleges including Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Science, Engineering, and Arts. According to The World University Ranking, the University of Edinburgh is ranked 30th globally and 12th in the UK. It offers around 500 undergraduate degrees in various fields of study, available part-time online. Approximately 44,000 students from around 156 countries worldwide study at the university. Every year, the University of Edinburgh provides fully funded scholarships for part-time online study, available to a wide range of countries and disciplines.

Benefits of Obtaining an Online Scholarship:

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the major advantages of studying online is the ability to study from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Cost Reduction

Receiving an online scholarship means that you incur no expenses whatsoever.

Learning Discipline and Time Management

Online education requires a high level of discipline and time management skills.

Details about the Free Online Scholarship Program:

Scholarship Type: Master's Study Duration: 1-2 years Funding: Fully funded Official Scholarship Name: Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships

Funded by: University of Edinburgh Study Location: Online/Remote at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom Target Countries: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen.

To know about other non-Arab countries, click here.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Coverage of all tuition fees.
  • The scholarships are available for all online part-time study programs.

Eligible Programmes


  • MSc Critical Care (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Clinical Education (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Clinical Management of Pain (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Clinical Trials (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Data Science for Health and Social Care (Online Learning) – 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Epidemiology (Online Learning) – 3 years (Part Time)
  • MSc Global Health and Infectious Diseases (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Internal Medicine (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Paediatric Emergency Medicine (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Patient Safety and Clinical Human Factors (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Primary Care Ophthalmology (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Restorative Dentistry - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Surgical Sciences (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MSc Cancer Biology and Precision Oncology (Online Learning) - 3 Years (Part-Time)
  • MFM Family Medicine (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • MPH Public Health (Online Learning) - 3 years (Part-Time)
  • ChM Clinical Ophthalmology (Online Learning) - 2 years (Part-Time)
  • ChM General Surgery (Online Learning) - 2 years (Part-Time)
  • ChM Trauma and Orthopaedics (Online Learning) - 2 years (Part-Time)
  • ChM Urology (Online Learning) - 2 years (Part-Time)
  • ChM Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (Online Learning) - 2 years (Part-Time)

On Campus

  • MSc Human Anatomy (1 year)
  • MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement (1 year)
  • MSc (by Research) Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) (1 year)
  • MSc (by Research) Cardiovascular Biology (1 year)
  • MSc (by Research) Integrative Neuroscience (1 year)
  • MSc (by Research) Reproductive Sciences (1 year)
  • MSc (by Research) Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Repair (1 year)
  • MMedSci (by Research) Medical Sciences (1 year)
  • MPH Public Health (1 year)

Documents Required for Applying for Online Master's Scholarships:

  1. Motivation Letter.
  2. Academic Transcript and Degree Certificate.
  3. English Language Proficiency Certificate.
  4. Acceptance Letter from the University.

How to Apply for Free Online Master's Scholarships:

  1. Apply for the master's program at the University of Edinburgh from here.
  2. After receiving acceptance, apply for the scholarship from here.

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