Summer training for students in programming

Summer internship for students in programming with a monthly salary and various other benefits. Applications are now open to seize the opportunity for an internship with the Egyptian company INOV. Through this internship opportunity, you will gain experience and knowledge in the field of programming.

Summer internship for students in programming (Overview)

A summer internship for students in the field of programming at the Egyptian company INOV and its main branch in Alexandria. This company has a mobile application and website and focuses on developing mobile applications, as well as games. The company supports approximately 60 mobile applications in 15 different countries.

The summer vacation period offers students a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and develop themselves, with one of the prominent opportunities being the experience of a summer internship in programming. Summer internships in programming are considered a golden opportunity for students to explore the world of technology and learn programming in a fun and interactive way.

Importance of Summer Internships in Programming for Students

The summer internship period allows students the opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned in school or university to practical and realistic projects. Additionally, summer internships can contribute to enhancing students' teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Details about the summer internship for students

Location: INOV Company, Egypt

Country: Egypt

Headquarters: Alexandria

Days off: Friday and Saturday

Benefits of the summer internship for students:

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free meals and beverages
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Access to a wide range of online courses
  • Diverse lectures to increase knowledge
  • Recreational areas available at the workplace

List of available summer internship opportunities for students:

Back-Ends Training

JOB DESCRIPTION You'll work as a Software Engineer. Your job is to create and look after Ruby or PHP code that's efficient and can be used again and again. You need to really enjoy learning and be good at picking up new tech stuff. You'll work with different teams to come up with and make new features. During the internship, you'll learn how to create and manage Ruby or PHP code that's efficient and can be used again and again.


  • Currently in the 3rd year of studying computer science engineering.
  • Can commit to at least 3 months.
  • Interested in mobile or web development.
  • Able to work well with others.
  • Good at solving problems.
  • Understands programming basics well.
  • Click here to apply for the internship 

Front-End Training


  • Make the look of web apps
  • Work with Back-end developer to put in good UI stuff
  • Make sure everything people type is checked before sending it away
  • Be part of planning and talking about what we do
  • Figure out how web pages should look and work
  • Keep learning about JavaScript and web tech stuff


  • In the 3rd year of studying computer science engineering.
  • Can work for at least 3 months.
  • Like working on mobile or web stuff.
  • Good at working with others.
  • Good at fixing problems.
  • Know a bit about how programming works.
  • Click here for the internship. 

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