Top 10 Podcasts for Learning English in an Enjoyable Way

An English podcast suitable for all levels to enhance listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in English quickly. Discover the best podcasts for learning English.

An English podcast is considered an easy way to learn English daily until it becomes a habit you automatically engage in every day. You can listen to an English podcast in the morning, during workouts, or on your way to work.

For English learners, listening to podcasts will help them become familiar with different accents in English, acquire new vocabulary, learn real conversational English, and understand language usage rules.

What is a podcast?

It is an audio broadcast or audio blogging and is one of the modern digital advertising methods. It can consist of a series or various episodes and is available for free on many platforms.

Why is listening to podcasts better than watching YouTube or TV?

The idea behind podcasts is to focus without any distractions like video, so if listening to podcasts becomes easy for you, watching programs on YouTube in English will be easier.

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Why Should We Use Podcasts for Learning English?

Learning English through podcasts is considered a reliable method that anyone who wants to learn the language turns to. Here are some reasons that make you seriously consider why you should learn through podcasts.


If you want to learn any new language, the more you listen to it, the better your listening skills become, and this applies to English as well. When you expose yourself to conversations from native speakers, over time, using this language will become familiar to you in terms of grammatical structures, vocabulary, and more. Therefore, acquiring new vocabulary and learning language rules doesn't solely depend on books but can also be achieved through daily listening.


You can improve this skill by recording yourself speaking a certain passage and then listening to the same passage from a native speaker to see the difference in pronunciation. You can also speak out loud while listening to podcasts. You can write down unfamiliar words from the podcast, then look up their meanings, and then use them in your conversation.

Many people don't do this, but it's helpful to record yourself pronouncing English words you can't pronounce correctly, then compare your pronunciation to that of the podcast to clearly see the difference. This method greatly helps improve pronunciation like native speakers.

Reading and Writing

While listening to English podcasts improves listening and speaking skills, it also enhances reading and writing skills. To improve reading, you can read the text before listening to the podcast, and with repetition, you'll become faster at reading. As for writing, you can write down what you hear and compare it to the original text.

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Best English Podcasts

Here is a list of English podcasts suitable for learning the language, starting from beginner level. Choosing an English learning podcast depends on:

Your proficiency level in the language. Your interests. Here are some of the best English podcasts:

BBC 6 Minute English

This is a British English podcast and it's an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to listen to and learn English. It has a short duration, usually not exceeding 6 minutes. Each time, you'll learn important vocabulary and how to use and pronounce it.

VOA Learn English Podcasts

This is one of the best American English podcasts for learning English, suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. It includes podcasts covering grammar rules, vocabulary, and other educational topics.

British Council Learn English Podcasts

It covers important topics from various cultures and learning opportunities, with a series of podcasts for English language learners. It's also a British English podcast, and there's an app available for download on your device, whether it's Android or iPhone.

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Adept English Podcast

This podcast was created in 2014 by British experts and contains approximately 200 podcasts for learning English. It is suitable for both beginners and intermediate levels.


It features podcasts that are 10 minutes long with the goal of teaching you English, making it suitable for beginners looking for English podcasts.

English Learning for Curious Minds

Learn English through fictional story podcasts. It's an easy English podcast where you can learn through listening to short stories, with the option to view the text and explanations of word meanings, and it can be downloaded to your mobile device.

Coffee Break English

A podcast for learning English in an easy way by listening to topics in various fields, suitable for all levels.

All Ears English

Considered one of the best English podcasts for learning the language through listening to real conversations, with a podcast dedicated to preparing for international exams like IELTS.

Stories Podcast

An enjoyable English podcast featuring various stories suitable for different ages. A different story is published every day, each lasting no more than 20 minutes.

The Daily

A podcast from The New York Times for listening to short news updates, with each episode lasting no more than 20 minutes, airing five days a week.

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