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Certified entrepreneurship training in Egypt provides an exciting opportunity for Egyptians looking to venture into the world of business. This comprehensive program offers a monthly salary, online training courses, access to industry experts, and a valuable network of connections. In this article, we will explore the benefits of certified entrepreneurship training in Egypt and how interested individuals can apply for this promising opportunity.

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Supporting Entrepreneurs in Egypt to Turn Their Ideas into Impactful Projects

In Egypt, there is a program dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and helping them transform their ideas into projects that make a difference in their communities. This program provides a monthly salary, training, and guidance, allowing participants to focus on their working ideas. It specifically selects the top 24 teams with creative ideas related to various fields: furniture design, interior design, handicrafts, and visual arts. The main goal of this program is to support young individuals in implementing their ideas and establishing projects that contribute to key aspects of the economy, such as creative industries, agriculture, health, and tourism. It aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on decent work and economic growth, partnerships for the goals, and reduced inequalities.

Importance of Entrepreneurship in Egypt

Entrepreneurship entails initiating private projects that contribute to solving societal challenges. It involves managing, establishing, and creating new ventures, often starting from small-scale projects. Currently, entrepreneurship and sustainability have become highly sought-after topics, with sustainability being the buzzword of the moment. In entrepreneurial sustainability, the aim is to strike a balance between the economic and social aspects while considering the environmental dimension and the needs of future generations. Sustainable development, as targeted by nations, emphasizes economic growth while preserving the environment. Entrepreneurship strives for innovation and creativity in finding new ideas that address current problems. It also emphasizes environmental and social responsibility, ensuring that projects maintain sustainability.

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Type: Internship

Duration: 9 months

Eligible Countries: Egypt


  • Comprehensive Training: Throughout the program, all teams receive training in trade and technical topics, such as prototype basics, sustainable development, leadership, digital marketing, communication, and more.
  • Financial Support: Each team member will receive a monthly salary of 600 euros for the program's duration, which spans six months.
  • Guidance System: Participants will benefit from guidance provided by experts throughout the program.
  • Free Workspace: Access to a dedicated workspace is provided free of charge.
  • Networking Opportunities: Teams will have the chance to interact with international experts and explore the European market through a paid program in Germany after completing a specific stage of the program.
  • Attendance of Seminars: Teams can attend free seminars to expand their network and gain valuable insights.

eligibility criteria:

  1. The program targets recent university students and graduates who possess creative solutions to global challenges. Initially, 24 to 40 teams will be selected, and after the first phase, the top eight teams will be chosen.
  2. To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  3. Be a university student or a recent graduate with 2-3 years of experience and be over 18 years old.
  4. Be a resident of Egypt or hold a valid Egyptian residency.
  5. Be willing to commit to the program for the upcoming nine months.
  6. Have a creative idea with the potential for growth and profitability in the early stages.
  7. Address one of the following challenges:

Furniture Designing

Interior Designing


Performing Arts

  1. Each topic requires a specific focus on problem-solving. For more details and proposed solutions, please visit the program's website.


Online application

How to Apply:

  • Fill out the online application form provided in the link below.
  • Once all the information is completed, click the submit button.

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