Utrecht PhD vacancies | 12 PhD scholarships at the best University in Netherlands

Utrecht PhD vacancies | 12 PhD scholarships at the best University in Netherlands

Utrecht University in the Netherlands is currently has Utrecht PhD vacancies | 12 PhD scholarships at the best University in Netherlands accepting online applications for a range of fully funded Ph.D. programs across various departments. Below is a list of the fully funded Ph.D. programs offered by Utrecht University. We encourage eligible candidates to apply at their earliest convenience.

Utrecht PhD vacancies |  12 PhD scholarships at the best University in Netherlands

About Utrecht University, Netherlands – Official Website

Utrecht University, located in the Netherlands, is a renowned public research institution with a rich history, dating back to its establishment on March 26, 1636, making it one of the oldest universities in the country. As of 2018, the university boasted an enrollment of 31,801 students and a dedicated faculty and staff of 7,191 individuals. In that same year, 525 Ph.D. degrees were conferred, and the university published an impressive 6,948 scientific articles. Utrecht University's budget for 2018 was €857 million.

The institution has a distinguished academic tradition, with numerous notable scholars among its alumni and faculty, including 12 Nobel Prize laureates and 13 Spinoza Prize recipients. Utrecht University consistently ranks among the top 100 universities globally in prestigious international rankings. In the 2019 Shanghai Ranking of World Universities, it secured the title of the best university in the Netherlands, standing 13th in Europe and 49th worldwide.

The university's motto, "Sol Iustitiae Illustra Nos," translates to "May the Sun of Righteousness Enlighten Us" and is derived from a literal Latin Bible interpretation of Malachi 4:2. Notably, Rutgers University, which shares historical ties with Utrecht University, uses a modified version of this motto.

Utrecht University is governed by the University Board, composed of Prof. Dr. Henk Kummeling (Rector Magnificus), Prof. Dr. Anton Pijpers (Chair), and Prof. Mr. Annetje Ottow (Vice Chair). The university maintains strong international connections through its membership in the League of European Research Universities (LERU), the Utrecht Network, and the European University Association (EUA).


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1- Utrecht PhD vacancies | PhD Candidate or Postdoctoral Researcher in Occupational Disease Prevention

As a PhD candidate or Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS), you will be part of a global collaboration focused on enhancing human and environmental health. IRAS is a leading institute in the field of exposure assessment in the workplace and its impact on health. They are dedicated to advancing research in this area using cutting-edge methods. The institute's diverse team includes professionals from around the world. In your role as a researcher, you will:

  1. Foster collaborations with partners within and beyond LEXCES.
  2. Contribute to the development of innovative methods and share your findings with the scientific community and industry professionals.
  3. Contribute to the field of occupational health by generating new knowledge and expanding professional networks. Deadline :  31 October 2023. View details & Apply


2- Utrecht PhD vacancies | Fully funded PhD position Track and Trace: sediment dynamics and budgets in estuaries and tidal basins

They are looking for a PhD candidate to join the WadSED project, focusing on the Wadden Sea tidal basins and the Western Scheldt estuary. The project aims to comprehend these ecosystems, predict their morphodynamics, and understand their long-term development influenced by natural processes, human activities, and sea-level rise. This involves studying sediment fluxes and channel-shoal patterns, as sediment budgets play a crucial role. Your primary responsibility will be to create an innovative, technology-based method for recognizing patterns in the landscape. Once we've defined meaningful landscape segments with consistent behavior, we can establish detailed sediment budgets for estuaries and tidal basins, shedding light on system functions and the impact of factors like biota, extreme events, sea-level rise, and human intervention. Various ideas and methods for automated pattern recognition are already available, and your results will benefit other PhD candidates, especially in model validation. Deadline :  13 October 2023. View details & Apply

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3- Utrecht PhD vacancies | PhD position on Modeling of Plant Resilience to Temperature and Drought Stress

This PhD position is part of CropXR's core research program and seeks an enthusiastic candidate to create dynamic computational models. These models will focus on how combined temperature and drought stress affect plant growth within the CropXR consortium. You'll develop advanced functional-structural plant models that simulate plant growth dynamics and integrate molecular signaling networks related to drought and temperature effects on plant physiology and development. Collaboration with experimentalists and machine learning experts is essential to create relevant molecular signaling network submodels. The project aims to uncover the interactions between temperature and drought stress, identifying molecular points where trade-offs and synergies occur, which can be targeted in breeding efforts. Deadline : 16 October 2023. View details & Apply

4-  Utrecht PhD vacancies | PhD position in Arithmetic Geometry

Utrecht University is offering a PhD position in arithmetic geometry, where you will engage in mathematical research within the framework of the "p-structures on moduli spaces of abelian varieties and Drinfeld modules" research project, supported by an NWO Vidi grant. The project is centered on exploring arithmetic aspects of (supersingular) abelian varieties and Drinfeld modules over finite fields and their associated moduli spaces. Your role will be as a member of Dr. Valentijn Karemaker's research team. Deadline :10 December 2023. View details & Apply

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5- Utrecht PhD vacancies | PhD Researcher on Youth and Climate Change Education

This PhD study aims to address the challenge of teaching secondary geography students how to navigate the uncertainties and ambiguities associated with future climate change. Many young people have fixed and sometimes intimidating visions of the future, but IPCC scenarios indicate multiple possible futures influenced by various social, economic, and political factors, as well as uncertainties stemming from imperfect climate knowledge and modeling. In countries like the Netherlands, where education tends to prioritize certain knowledge and clear answers, it's crucial for teachers to help students embrace ambiguity and uncertainties in the context of climate change. This requires a transformative teaching approach that considers both cognitive and emotional learning processes, as well as diverse worldviews held by students. The goal is to develop an effective pedagogy that empowers students to engage constructively with these challenges. Deadline : 7 November 2023, View details & Apply

6- Utrecht PhD vacancies | Two PhD positions in Memory access in language

This project aims to create, implement, and validate a comprehensive memory model that sheds light on the storage and retrieval of linguistic information and its connection to communication. The hybrid model will combine linguistic insights from computational and theoretical linguistics with general cognitive mechanisms. The primary objective is to generalize this memory model across various linguistic domains, such as lexicon, syntax, and discourse semantics, and employ it to predict diverse quantitative data in linguistics and cognitive science. The project comprises two main components: an empirical one involving experiments to collect behavioral and EEG data, and a computational modeling component aimed at simulating data related to processing and memory retrieval. Deadline : 20 November 2023. View details & Apply

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7- Utrecht PhD vacancies | PhD position in Smart Hydrogels for Volumetric Bioprinting of Organoids

The available position is backed by the "Time Dynamics in Bioprinting: Steering Organoid Maturation and Therapeutic Stem Cell Manufacturing" project, funded by the Dutch Research Council under the VIDI Talent Program, led by Dr. R. Levato. You will become a part of their diverse and globally collaborative team within the Living Matter Engineering & Biofabrication research group, which also receives funding from the European Research Council and the European Innovation Council. Deadline : 19 November 2023, View details & Apply

8- Utrecht PhD vacancies | PhD position in innovation dynamics of plant breeding for resilient crop

If you're passionate about the role of artificial intelligence in sustainable agriculture and want to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of social scientists, plant scientists, and data scientists, this opportunity at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development is ideal for you. The position involves researching the innovation dynamics of a 'smart breeding' method developed by the CropXR institute, which uses AI to breed climate-resilient crops. The study aims to understand how this innovation can contribute to sustainable agriculture, address uncertainties, and promote a just transition, including benefits for smallholders in the global South. Collaboration with plant scientists is a key aspect of this research. Deadline :24 October 2023, View details & Apply

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9- Utrecht PhD vacancies | PhD position in regulation for just transitions in agriculture 

They are looking for a motivated researcher to join their team and focus on studying regulations related to plant genetic resources in the era of digital innovation. Global regulations, like the Nagoya Protocol, aim to provide access to essential genetic resources for developing climate-resilient crops while ensuring fair benefits for the communities that contributed to these resources. Striking the right balance in practice has proven challenging, particularly with the rise of digital genetic information. In this project, you will take an empirical approach to explore how regulations can achieve both access to crucial genetic resources for sustainable agriculture and equitable benefit-sharing. This research involves collaboration with plant scientists and the Dutch plant breeding sector association. Deadline : 24 October 2023. View details & Apply

10- Utrecht PhD vacancies | PhD position on Microbes for Stress Resilient Roots

They are offering a PhD candidate position for individuals interested in preparing crop plants for climate change by studying how specific microbes enhance stress resilience in plant roots. Recent research has identified these beneficial microbes in sorghum roots, and your project will aim to uncover the mechanisms behind their actions and their impact on plant stress responses. Your tasks will involve characterizing transcriptional changes in roots induced by selected microbes, identifying critical signals from both plants and microbes, and assessing the dynamics and effectiveness of microbial activity in enhancing plant stress resilience. You will utilize various techniques and tools, including histology, genomics, gene expression analysis, phenotyping, and plant physiology. Additionally, you will have opportunities to develop teaching skills, mentor undergraduate students, and participate in outreach activities alongside your research work. Deadline : 1 November 2023. View details & Apply

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11- Utrecht PhD vacancies | Combined PhD position and university lecturer in life-cycle, circularity and sustainability assessment for the material and energy transition

The Energy and Resources group at the Copernicus Institute focuses on research and education related to energy and material transitions essential for sustainability and circularity. They are actively involved in projects like CIRCUROAD, which aims to replace bitumen with entirely sustainable binders, including bio-based and waste materials, while enhancing circularity and overall sustainability. Collaboration with Dutch and international stakeholders, research institutes, and policymakers is a key aspect of their work. As a Junior Assistant Professor, you will play a role in developing sustainable binders for asphalt and other materials and energy technologies. Deadline : 20 October 2023. View details & Apply

12- Utrecht PhD vacancies | Two PhD positions in Developmental Biology

They are seeking two highly motivated PhD students to contribute to our research on the mechanisms by which epithelial cells establish polarity, specialize functionally, and operate. Cell polarity, characterized by the uneven distribution of components and functions along a defined axis, is a fundamental feature shared by cells in various organisms. This property is essential for cells to distribute proteins, organelles, and functions along a polarity axis, enabling them to perform specialized tasks and organize within a three-dimensional multicellular structure. Deadline : 15 October 2023. View details & Apply


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