Youth Summit in Spain 2024

Summit in Spain

The Youth Energy Summit (25 – 28 June 2024) is back this year, and will be running alongside the Africa Energy Forum (aef), the world-leading investment meeting for Africa’s energy sector, taking place in Barcelona, Spain. 

About the Summit

The Youth Energy Summit (YES!) started in Brussels in 2022, at the Africa Energy Forum with big industry leaders and 13 African Energy Ministers. It was a big part of the event which had 1,800 people.

By the end of the summit, there were stories of entrepreneurs getting important money, making connections they really wanted, and meeting people they admired! People like Joseph Nganga (Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet), Habiba Ali (Sosai Renewable Energies), Karen Breytenbach (ex IPP Office), Andy Herscowitz (US DFC), and others were there, along with students, young professionals, business owners, and teachers from Africa.

This year, YES! is getting even bigger with up to 2,000 people coming to Nairobi in June. Students got to go to sessions that talked about what they think the future will be like, how they can be their best, how they can help with not having enough skilled people in the energy field, and what help they need from teachers and professionals. Young professionals are the future of Africa and YES! gives them a place to make friends, learn from people making new technology around the world, and get inspired by those changing Africa's energy future.


Country: Spain

Period: 25 - 28 June 2024

Language: English

Number of available scholarships: 200

Countries: All African countries


  • Flight
  • Accommodation


Who can apply?


  • Final Year University Students or Recent Graduates: Final year university students and recent graduates only (Must have graduated in the last 3 years).
  • Early Career Professionals: Must be working for a company in the energy industry. No more than 5 years of work experience.
  • Young Entrepreneurs: You must have a registered business that is less than 3 years old and with no more than 20 employees.

How to Apply?

  1. Create your account first from here.
  2. Apply for the scholarship from here.

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