Google Ph.D Fellowship 2023

Google Ph.D. Fellowship for students from African countries to get funds.


Google places a high priority on nurturing and maintaining strong relations with the academic community. To recognize outstanding graduate students doing exceptional and innovative research in areas relevant to computer science and related fields, they created the Google PhD Fellowship Program. This program supports promising PhD candidates of all backgrounds who seek to influence the future of technology. Google encourages people of diverse backgrounds to apply and is committed to fostering inclusive research communities. The program is currently available in Africa, Australia, Canada, East Asia, Europe, India, Latin America, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and the United States.

Opportunity Details

  • Type: Ph.D fellowship 
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Place: All African institutes 
  • Official Name: Google Ph.D Fellowship
  • Nationalities: Egypt, Algeria,  Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, and all countries in Africa.


  1. US $30K to cover stipend and other research related activities, travel expenses including overseas travel
  2. Google Research Mentor


  • Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time PhD program at a university in Africa.
  • Students should be early stage PhD students, i.e., should not have been into more than 1 year of their PhD.
  • Applicants must be pursuing a PhD in Computer Science or related areas.
  • Applicants who are currently in their first year of a part-time PhD program and transferring to full-time positions are also welcome to apply.
  • Google employees and their family members are not eligible.
  • Students who are already receiving another corporate fellowship are not eligible.
  • Applicants must have started their program on or after 1-Jan-2023 and remain enrolled for the duration of the fellowship or forfeit the award.
  •  For current Undergraduate/Masters students and Professionals:
  • Applicants must join a full-time PhD program at a university in Africa within the calendar year of the award.
  • Student applicants must be full-time Undergraduate or Masters students enrolled at an African university. Professionals must be employed/affiliated with an organization registered in Africa.
  • The Google Fellowship award shall be contingent on the awardee registering for the full-time PhD program at an African university, in Computer Science or related areas, within the calendar year 2023, or the award shall be forfeited.
  • Grant of the Google Fellowship does not mean admission to the PhD program of a university. The awardee must also complete the PhD admission process of the respective institute/university where he/she wishes to register for PhD.
  • Grant of the Google Fellowship will be subject to the rules and guidelines applicable in the institute/university where the awardee registers for the PhD program.
  • Google employees and their family members are not eligible.

Required Documents

  1. Online Application
  2. Research Proposal

How To Apply

Click on the apply link that exist below


May 11, 2023


Read the common questions from here

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