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Master, Ph.D. scholarships in Saudi Arabia

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) is a prestigious institution located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Known for its academic excellence, KFUPM offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as engineering, sciences, business, computer science, and architecture. With a strong emphasis on research and innovation, the university provides state-of-the-art facilities including modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, libraries, research centers, and sports facilities. KFUPM’s campus fosters a vibrant and inclusive environment where students can engage in academic pursuits and participate in extracurricular activities. Admission to KFUPM is competitive, and the university offers scholarships and financial aid programs to support deserving students. Whether pursuing studies in petroleum and geosciences or other disciplines, KFUPM provides students with a challenging learning environment, opportunities for research, and a promising educational experience.

Opportunity Details

Type: Master, PhD

Place: King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Fund: Fully Funded

Countries: Algeria, Bahrain Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and all countries.

List of all Master and Ph.D. programs offered at KFUPM


Tuition at no cost. A monthly allowance for living expenses.

Complimentary furnished bachelor housing with air conditioning.

Access to necessary medical care. Textbooks are provided free of charge.

Discounted meals at the University cafeteria.

Opportunity to collaborate with University faculty on research and book writing projects, funded by the University.

Prepaid airfare for initial travel to Dammam at the beginning of the contract, and a return ticket upon completion of the Degree for international students.


Minimum requirements for Master Programs in Science and Engineering:

Completion of a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or science from an accredited institution, with a major in the desired field or evidence of a suitable background for entering the desired field.

A Grade-Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher on a scale of 4.00, or an equivalent score, for scholarship students.

A Grade-Point Average (GPA) of 2.50 or higher on a scale of 4.00, or an equivalent score, for non-scholarship applicants.

Minimum requirements for Ph.D. Programs:

Possession of an M.S. degree in engineering or science (following a four-year B.S. degree) from a graduate program at a recognized institution, equivalent to that of KFUPM, with a major in the intended field or evidence of a suitable background for entering the intended field.

Attainment of a minimum GPA of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00, or an equivalent score, in both the B.S. and M.S. degrees.

Required Documents

Jun 22, 2023

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  1. السلام عليكم اني مواطن عراقي منذ اكثر من 3 سنوات ونا اراسل كل الجامعات السعوديه للحصول على منحه دراسيه لكن مع الاسف ماكو اي اجابه

  2. Gpa خاصتي 2.88 هل بامكاني الالتحاق بالمنحه ام لا ؟
    علما باني حاصله علي بكالريوس علوم

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