Fully funded scholarships from DataCamp 2024

Fully funded scholarships from DataCamp are available through obtaining a free subscription to access a large number of courses in programming, data analysis, machine learning, and other fields.

This program is provided by the I4G Foundation to offer free subscriptions to DataCamp for learning data analysis. This organization offers approximately 10,000 opportunities. Applications are open to all nationalities in Africa, and all specializations are eligible to apply. DataCamp is a paid platform that offers a large number of courses in the technical field and is one of the most famous platforms in this field.

In our modern, technology-driven era, understanding and analyzing data has become a vital skill for many professions and fields. To meet this growing need for skills, many educational platforms dedicated to data learning have been developed, with DataCamp being one of the standout platforms.

Benefits of Learning Data

Learning data brings numerous benefits. It's not just about mastering a programming language or analytical tools; it represents the development of analytical thinking and the ability to make informed decisions based on available data.

Methods of Learning Data

There are many ways you can learn data, ranging from online educational courses to engaging in online communities where you can exchange knowledge with others.

Features of DataCamp

DataCamp stands out among other educational platforms due to its interactive and innovative methodology, as well as its wide range of lessons and tracks covering all aspects of data analysis.

Program Details:

Type: Fully funded scholarships
Location: Online
Provider: DataCamp
Language: English
Countries Covered: All African countries 

Key Course Topics Available on DataCamp Platform:

  • Data Science with R
  • Data Science with Python
  • Data Analysis with R
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Analysis with SQL

Scholarship Application Requirements for DataCamp:

  • Open to all specializations. 



To apply for the DataCamp scholarship, all you need to do is fill out the application form below and submit it before the application deadline.


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  1. ا have studied machine learning and want to learn more about how to use deeplearning techniques in my work in computer science and biomedical engineering.

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