Saudi Arabia Scholarships for International Students

In recent years, Saudi Arabia Scholarships for International Students there has been a significant increase in the number of scholarship providers in Saudi Arabia. Scholarships have become a crucial means of supporting education and empowering students in the country. The availability of scholarships contributes to achieving educational equity and enabling outstanding youth to pursue their academic dreams. In this article, we will explore some of the scholarship providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the opportunities they offer.

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Saudi Arabia Scholarships for International Students

While scholarships in Saudi Arabia primarily target Saudi nationals, there are also opportunities available for international students. The Saudi Arabian government, through various initiatives, encourages international students to pursue their studies in the country. These programs promote cultural exchange, diversity, and the global visibility of Saudi universities. International students can benefit from scholarships such as the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Scholarship, which supports non-Saudi students in pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Saudi Arabia.


Studying in Saudi Arabia is an exciting and comprehensive option for ambitious students seeking high-quality education. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia boasts a rich history and diverse culture, along with providing an educational environment considered one of the best in the Arab world. In this article, we will take a look at the scholarship opportunities in Saudi Arabia and what makes it an ideal destination for education, highlighting the best organizations offering scholarships in Saudi Arabia, as well as training and other opportunities in the Kingdom.

Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

Diverse Universities and Colleges

Saudi Arabia is renowned for its wide range of prestigious universities and colleges. It is known for its world-class universities that offer diverse educational programs in various fields. Regardless of the specialization you are interested in, there is a high probability of finding an ideal program that meets your needs.

Advanced Educational Facilities

Saudi Arabia prioritizes providing modern and advanced educational facilities for students. A significant amount of effort and resources are invested in building and upgrading laboratories, libraries, and research centers, creating an ideal learning environment. Having such facilities offers students a unique opportunity for learning and exploration.

Outstanding Faculty

The faculty at Saudi universities is among the most competent and experienced in the region. Professors and lecturers are carefully selected, possessing practical and academic expertise in their respective fields. Through their presence in the classrooms, students can benefit from their rich knowledge and valuable guidance.

Saudi Arabia Scholarships for International Students

Saudi Arabia offers significant opportunities for international students through scholarship programs. Talented students can obtain scholarships to fulfill their academic aspirations. Additionally, Saudi Arabia is known for providing a safe environment and friendly citizens, contributing to enhancing the experience of international students.

Student Life

Saudi Arabia also provides a rich and enjoyable student life experience. Numerous cultural, sports, and social activities are available for students to participate in. Regardless of your personal interests, you will find plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and meet new people from various cultures.

In summary, studying in Saudi Arabia is an ideal choice for students aspiring to have an exceptional educational experience. With diverse educational programs, modern facilities, excellent faculty, and scholarship opportunities, Saudi Arabia offers real chances for academic and professional success. If you are seeking to achieve your academic dreams, Saudi Arabia is the right destination for you.

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Saudi Arabia Scholarships for International Students

  • King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM):

KFUPM is one of the leading universities in Saudi Arabia and offers generous scholarships for outstanding students in technical and engineering fields. The scholarships cover full tuition fees, a monthly stipend, and additional expenses. This scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop their academic and research skills in their chosen fields. The scholarship is open to students from all around the world. The application deadline for this scholarship is June 22, 2023.

You can find more details in English here and in Arabic here.

  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST):

KAUST is one of the leading research universities in Saudi Arabia, focusing on advanced scientific and technological fields. The university attracts students, engineers, and scientists from around the world to address challenges related to water, food, energy, and the environment. KAUST offers fully funded Master's and Ph.D. programs for students from all around the world to pursue their higher studies. The university aims to attract and develop creative minds through scholarships and research opportunities. KAUST supports long-term research and enables its scientists and researchers to push the boundaries of scientific and technological goals.

You can find more details about the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology scholarships and application requirements here.

  • Postdoctoral Fellowships at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST):

These fellowships are available to individuals of all nationalities who have obtained a Ph.D. within the past four years or will receive it by the fellowship start date and are willing to travel to Saudi Arabia. The fellowship focuses on various topics in energy, water, environment, food, health, and technology. The application process for this year will open in October.

You can find more details about the fellowship here.

  • Islamic Development Bank Training Program in Saudi Arabia:

This training program offers an excellent opportunity to gain the necessary experience in various fields and build a network with professionals from around the world. The program aims to provide students from recognized colleges and universities with an interactive learning environment and the necessary practical experience to secure employment and develop personal skills. The requirements include being a bachelor's or master's student in a recognized university, having a high academic record, being able to communicate in English, and not having previously trained at the Islamic Development Bank. This training is available to both Saudis and non-Saudis who have residency in Saudi Arabia.

The application deadline is June 30, 2023. You can find more details and apply here.

  • Middle East Women Entrepreneurship Challenge in Saudi Arabia:

This competition, organized by the United Nations, is an opportunity for female entrepreneurs in the Middle East who want to accelerate their businesses and provide sustainable solutions in the tourism sector.

You can find more details and apply here.

  • Visiting Student Research Program (VSRP) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST):

The Visiting Student Research Program (VSRP) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a unique program that offers students the opportunity to engage in innovative research within the university. This training allows talented students to conduct experimental studies in areas such as carbon-free fuel combustion or unexploited CRISPR-Cas9 techniques. By providing research opportunities that go beyond scientific and engineering disciplines, curious and academically exceptional students can explore research questions of interest to them under the supervision and support of faculty members at King Abdullah University. You will contribute your ideas to an exciting international research community.

This training is available to students of all nationalities, and it is open year-round. It offers several benefits, including a monthly salary of $1000.

You can find all the details about this training here.

  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Grant Competition

This competition is open to third- and fourth-year university students in Saudi Arabia, the United States, or Canada. The aim is to submit and share your research with other students. All expenses, including travel, accommodation, and seminars, will be covered. There are numerous topics related to the fields of science, engineering, computer science, and environmental science that your research can be associated with.

You can find all the details about this competition here.

  • Entrepreneurship Support Program in the Middle East by Sanabil Saudi Investment Company

This program will support 500 individuals through intensive mentoring and a funding opportunity of $100,000, along with joining a global network.

You can find all the details and apply for the program here.



Are scholarships available for all disciplines? Yes, scholarships in Saudi Arabia are available in various academic disciplines, including engineering, medical sciences, business administration, and technology.

Are there specific requirements for applying for scholarships? Yes, each scholarship provider has specific requirements that determine the eligibility of students to receive the scholarship. Students should read and understand these requirements before applying.

Are the study costs fully covered? The financial coverage of scholarships varies depending on the scholarship provider and the type of scholarship. Some scholarships may fully cover the study costs, while others may provide partial coverage.

What are the next steps after receiving a scholarship? After receiving a scholarship, students should review the requirements of the scholarship provider and adhere to the specified terms and conditions. They should also ensure completion of the admission procedures at the designated university or educational institution.

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