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STDF Egypt is an opportunity to receive funds for your research project of a workshop. Is open now to apply.

STDF Egypt

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STDF Egypt ( overview)

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Foundation (STDF) is a collaboration opportunities between Egypt and Japan, initiated by the Japanese and Egyptian embassies, aiming to enhance higher education and scientific research. This initiative serves as a platform to foster increased collaboration in scientific research between Egypt and Japan through the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF), as well as to strengthen ties between Egyptian and Japanese scientists , and you can read also Financial Aid is Available to Students | $1000.

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Funding Authority (STDF) is considered one of the most important institutions contributing to the development of scientific research and technology in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The authority was established with the aim of enhancing collaboration between the academic and industrial sectors, as well as providing the necessary funding to support research and innovative projects that contribute to the country's progress and prosperity. In this article, we will explore the role of the STDF in supporting technology and innovation in Egypt by highlighting its most significant programs and initiatives.


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Details about  opportunities STDF Egypt

Program: STDF Research Grants for Researchers

There is support available for research projects as well as support for attending workshops and seminars.

Duration: The duration of workshops or seminars should not exceed one week.

Duration for research projects: Funding will be provided for up to two years.

Eligible Nationalities: Egyptians, Japanese


The benefits offered by  STDF Egypt :

For Workshops and Seminars:

  • Funding of 85,000 Egyptian pounds for the Egyptian team per seminar or workshop. (The allowed limit is $250 per day.)
  • Health insurance coverage.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses.

Funding provided by STDF for Research Projects:

  • The Egyptian team will be funded with 145,000 Egyptian pounds per year, with a maximum of 290,000 Egyptian pounds for the project.

eligibility criteria:

Eligibility for funding

  • Teams of researchers consisting of at least one Egyptian and one Japanese researcher are eligible for funding.
  • Teams have to be based at Egyptian and Japanese research organizations and should be working in their home countries.
  • Egyptian state and private institutions of higher education, research institutions, or commercial enterprises including SMEs are eligible for funding.


The proposal for the workshop, seminar, or research project should include a set of information. You will find all the details about it upon downloading the file from the homepage below.

How to Apply:

Each of the Egyptian side and the Japanese side, intending to hold a seminar, should submit online 2 identical seminar proposals to STDF and JSPS, respectively.


Seminars will be evaluated by STDF based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific excellence
  • The necessity of cooperation, added value, and mutual research advancement through the transfer of knowledge and expertise
  • Participation of young researchers
  • How the results of the seminar will be utilized to foster further cooperation

Submitted proposals will be evaluated by STDF Egypt  based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific excellence
  • Feasibility of the research plan
  • Necessity of cooperation added value, and mutual research advancement through transfer of knowledge and expertise
  • Participation of young researchers
  • Quality and originality of the envisaged research approach
  • Preferably, the research area covered lies within the national priority areas of scientific research listed above
  • Quality of the research team

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