Fully funded fellowship at Germany2023

A fully funded fellowship in Germany contains many advantages and helps to develop your skills


The AFRIKA KOMMT! program connects exceptional young leaders from Africa with German companies. These companies gain valuable insights, expertise, and a unique African perspective from these talented professionals. Through the program, the African fellows gain a deep understanding of German corporate culture, business practices, and language skills. Equipped with international experience and technical skills, they become change agents for economic and social growth in their home countries and communities, benefiting both German-African business relations and their local communities.

Opportunity Details

    • Type: Fellowship
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Place: Germany
  •  Official Name:Afrika Kommt 
  • Nationalities: All  countries in Africa .



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  1. As a fellow, all costs related to your participation in the fellowship programme will be covered (flights, accommodation, monthly stipend, trainings, language course).
  2. Language and cultural integration courses at the start of the program, including visits to cultural sites in Germany.
  3.  3 modules  of management training to learn global management practices.
  4. 8 months professional fellowship with partner companies, doing meaningful work.
  5. Networking events for partner companies and African professionals in the AFRIKA KOMMT! network.
  6. After the program, fellows become ambassadors in their home countries, with refresher courses available to strengthen skills and network.


  • Citizen of any African country
  • University degree in a relevant subject
  • Postgraduate degree (like an MBA) is a bonus
  • 2 to 5 years of work experience
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Basic understanding of German language is an advantage
  • Must be younger than 35 years old when applying
  • Further Selection Criteria
  • Language and Communication Skills:
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Willingness to learn German Professional Skills:
  • Shows strong potential for leadership
  • Self-motivated with a “go-getter” mentality
  • Committed and goal-oriented
  • A team player with excellent collaboration skills Personal Attributes:
  • Highly enthusiastic, flexible, and resilient
  • Has an open mindset
  • Exceptional intercultural competencies
  • Can easily adapt to new environments
  • Can reflect on their own behavior and bias

Required Documents

  • The application form.
  • Presentation about your motivation
  • An idea for a change initiative
  • A photo
  • Certificates

How to Apply

  • You need to check the conditions first.
  • Choose one of the organizations that related to your field from here ( after click on the link, scroll down to find the details about each company).
  • After choosing the suitable company, complete the registration form from here.


March 26, 2023


.Read the common questions from here

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