Global Opportunity for Youth 2023

Global opportunity for youth to engage together and share their opinion to make a change.

Opportunity Overview


Why have a Youth Sounding Board?

The EU thinks it’s essential to involve young people in its actions and decisions. That’s why they created the Youth Sounding Board. This group aims to make sure the EU includes young people in its plans and actions, especially in partner countries. The Board focuses on many important issues such as climate, digital infrastructure, gender equality, human development, migration, peace, and sustainable growth.

The Board consists of 25 young people with experience in youth policies, organizations, or initiatives. They will serve for two years and advise the EU Commissioner and the Directorate-General for International Partnerships on policies related to youth participation and empowerment. They’ll also support the implementation of the Youth Action Plan in EU External Action.

The Board members will participate in meetings, discuss issues, build links with similar structures, and take part in capacity-building activities. They’re expected to engage for about 25 days each year. The Youth Sounding Board provides young people with a voice in shaping the EU’s external actions, ensuring that young people’s needs and perspectives are taken into account.

Opportunity Details

  • Type: Youth change 
  • Duration:  25 days every year
  • Place:  online, Belgium 
  • Nationalities:

    Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tunisia , and other Europe  countries. 



travel and other related expenses will be covered. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • be between the age of 18-30 at the end of the application period (26 April 2023)
  • be available to devote at least 25 days per year to the YSB
  • have a good command of English
  • hold the nationality of, or be a resident in one of the eligible countries

Required Documents

  • The online application
  • CV

How To Apply

Fill the online application from the link below. 


26 April 2023


You can know more information in Arabic from here. 

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