Master Scholarship in the Netherlands 2023

Master Scholarship in the Netherlands 2023, for international students to continue their education abroad.


The goal of the Orange Knowledge Programme is to enhance the capacity, knowledge, and quality of individuals and organizations working in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education, and other priority themes in OKP partner countries. The scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to enthusiastic professionals who can use their newly acquired skills and knowledge to benefit their employing organization.


Opportunity Details

  • Type: Master , short courses
  • Duration: 1-2 Years
  • Place: The university in the Netherlands
  • Official Name: Orange Knowledge Program
  • Nationalities:  Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Tunisia, and Yemen.



  1. Salary
  2. costs of living and costs such as tuition fees, visa, travel, insurance etc


  • Agriculture And Environment
  • Economics, Commerce, Management, And Accounting
  • Engineering
  • General Programmes
  • Health Care, Social Services, And Care Services
  • Hotel, Catering, Tourism, Leisure, Transport And Logistics
  • Humanities, Social Sciences, Communication And Arts
  • Law, Public Administration, Public Order, And Safety
  • Mathematics, Natural Sciences, And Computer Science
  • Teacher Training


  • motivated.
  • living and working in an OKP country.
  • proficient in English or French.
  • working in one of the priority areas for their country.
  • can motivate using and transferring their knowledge and experience in their employing organisation after their studies.
  • agreeing to the Obligations and conditions .

Required Documents

  1. Employer statement from here
  2. Motivation Letter
  3. Recommendation letter
  4. Academic certificate
  5. Passport

How to Apply

  1. Verify that your application is aligned with the OKP focus areas for your country.
  2. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the OKP.
  3. Utilize the OKP course list to select a suitable course using the filter ‘Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)’ from here.
  4. Discuss with your employer if they are willing to nominate you for an OKP scholarship.
  5. Reach out to the Dutch education institution of your choice to acquire more information regarding the application process, academic prerequisites, and the link to apply online.
  6. Prepare your application, which should include your employer statement, motivation letter, passport, and government statement (if required).
  7. Submit your application online during the application period using the link provided by the Dutch education institution. Keep track of the application deadline of your chosen educational institution.


30 March 2023


Click here to know more information. 

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