Scholarship for African Females

Scholarship for African Females

Scholarship for african females is designed to support African women in scientific research and technology to advance their research and leadership capabilities.

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Scholarship for African Females

The Women for Africa Foundation (FMxA) is embarking on the 9th Edition of the SCIENCE BY WOMEN initiative, aligning with its mission to empower Africa's progress by harnessing the potential of its women. The program aims to support and promote the leadership of African women in scientific research and technology transfer while strengthening the capabilities of research centers in their respective nations. The primary objective is to empower African women researchers and scientists to address the significant challenges confronting Africa, particularly in the fields of health and biomedicine, sustainable agriculture and food security, as well as water, energy, and climate change.

The consequences of uncontrolled development significantly impact women's lives, but various social, structural, and economic obstacles hinder their ability to address the significant challenges in the region. The gender disparities in science and technology, both in the public and private sectors, have far-reaching effects on Africa's entire population. It is crucial to narrow this gap to achieve sustainable and balanced development in African countries, promoting long-term progress and fostering equitable growth for all.

Main aim of Scholarship for African Females:

The main objective of the Scholarship for African Females is to empower African women researchers to take a prominent role in Africa's transformation into a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy. This transformation will be achieved through conducting research that can be translated into impactful products, processes, services, and technologies, improving people's lives.
To attain this ambitious aim, FMxA partners with prestigious Spanish Centres of Excellence, renowned both within Spain and globally for their excellence in scientific research across various disciplines. In the 9th edition, the following research centers are associated with the program:

Each of the mentioned centers will provide a six-month fellowship to one senior woman researcher, who should possess a PhD degree, with post-doctoral experience preferred.
Moreover, ISCIII and BC3 will have the capacity to host two fellows each.

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  • Type: six-month fellowship
  • Place: spain
  • Fund: Fully funded
  • Countries: Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and all African countries.


  • Return flight from their centre of origin to the host institution.
  • Living allowance of 2.400 Euros gross per month to cover accommodation, personal expense and health and occupational accident insurance coverage.

Beneficiaries must devote themselves entirely to research at the assigned research centre and may not be beneficiaries of any other fellowship, grant, stipend or regular income during their research stay.

eligibility criteria:

  1. Being a woman from an African country.
  2. Possess a PhD, although post-doctoral experience is preferred.
  3. Have a contractual affiliation with a university, public, or private organization based in Africa that is actively engaged in significant scientific research in the specified areas.
  4. Demonstrate an outstanding academic record and a proven track record of relevant research experience.
  5. Possess a strong command of the English language.


  • Letter of Interest (max. 1 page)
  • Full curriculum vitae (Europass format is recommended)
  • Fully filled form
  • Passport
  • PhD Diploma certificate
  • Research proposal (Brief and clear description of the project to be carried out in the Spanish host centre (max. 2 pages)

How to Apply:

Applications must be submitted in English via the Science by Women microsite at this link.


  • Previous beneficiaries of the program's earlier editions are not eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must have already identified the principal investigator at the potential host center and confirmed that their research proposal can be carried out in collaboration with the research groups and laboratories at that institution.

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